As viewing trends evolve, the practice of broadcasting events, meetings, special occasions and important announcements live - to Facebook, YouTube, websites and mobile devices - has become a powerful tool for capturing audiences.


Connect Directly With Your Community

Interactive and inclusive, the Facebook Live platform allows for immediate feedback and organic engagement from within your community and beyond, perfect for reaching those who may not be able to participate in person.

Engage new audiences - and promote next year's event!

Highlights from recent live streams.

Showcase an Event

Thanks to 4G technology, it is possible to broadcast events - large and small - for a fraction of the cost of 10 years ago.

Reclink Community Cup.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Victorian Open Swimming Championships.

Capture the Moment

Special occasions are worth preserving for posterity, but are also a perfect opportunity to attract new viewers, subscribers and online supporters.

Capitalise on big ticket moments.

Convert online audiences to offline supporters - and vice versa!